Welcome Back!

We have exciting news for you. Our new learning & training system is live and waiting for you!

After a year of development and testing, we are ready to move you in! We’ve improved the overall student experience, added progression notifications, updated design layout to support mobile devices, iPad and desktop, integrated exams into the same environment to help create the best learning experience for you. And there are more extra features to come.

To transfer into the new system, submit your request by clicking on the link below. Enter Transfer Code: T4821 and complete the required fields:


We will list further instructions to guide you through the system transfer process. And if you transfer your account before November 1, 2023, we’ll include our free business and marketing training for FREE. Remember, if you have any issues or need help, we’re here to help!

See you in the new system!

If you wish to complete your studies and exam here, please do so before September 25, 2023. After September 25, 2023, this site will no longer be active. You will need to request transfer to the new system upon your request.

To return to your studies, click on the Dashboard in the navigation menu above.